Atelier Calder, Sachet, France

Nina Lumer Gallery, Milan

The New National Museum
of Monaco (NNMM ), Monte Carlo 2008

Interactive object.
Acryl, metal, water,
motor drive, operation system.
50х6 m


This is a kinetic object consisting of two transparent spheres connected with a five-meterlong transparent Plexiglas pipe. The lower sphere is filled with water, while the upper one has a ventilator built into it. Inside the pipe there are two objects, which, when joined together, remind of a shuttle. The artist’s self-portrait is on one of them. The operation of the object is based on the principle invented by engineer V. Shulyatikov. The ventilator creates a simple unidirectional pulse; objects below connect and move upwards, raising a slug of water above it. They disconnect at the top and leave the water in the upper sphere as they separately fall down, making shuttle movements between the two extreme points.

The objects create a unique sight of air and water mixture against the sky. The shuttle principle was taken as a basis for several other projects; one of them under the title Could Feeding Factory is going to be implemented on the Loire River.